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Whether you’re a new Limousin breeder or consider yourself a veteran, NALF’s enhanced registry services for Lim-Flex hybrids expand the range of crossbreeding solutions you can now offer commercial customers.

With Lim-Flex hybrids, there are genetic options to fit every need, from fullblood and purebred Limousin for a “full-shot” of muscle and efficiency, to Lim-Flex hybrids for a “blended-shot” of Limousin with added marbling and maternal from Angus (black or red). With Lim-Flex, breeders can offer a just-right shot of Limousin to meet the needs of most any crossbreeding program.

Lim-Flex® stands for Limousin with muscle and efficiency, along with flexibility — the most significant strength of this powerful genetic blend:
• Flexible seedstock for simple, easily managed crossbreeding
• Flexible market progeny that consistently hit dressing percent, along with yield and quality grade targets for mainstream, case-ready markets
• Flexible females adapted for efficiency across a wide range of environments
• FLEX stands for Limousin Efficiency Cross (X) — the beef industry’s answer to profitable system-wide production of case ready products

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